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"Chrysalide", the new EP from Dominique Charpentier is out now!

“Chrysalide”, the new EP from Dominique Charpentier is out now and available to download from our shop or to stream everywhere on the net.

We are very happy to share with you a new way Dominique is exploring: his compositional signature remains well defined, but this time is experimenting new soundscapes - worth a personal check!

Announcing Fabrizio Paterlini's "Autumn Stories" re-issue in vinyl and much more!

Exciting times!

Today we are announcing the re-issue of “Autumn Stories”, one of the most popular album by our founder Fabrizio Paterlini.

The album will be released on March 15th 2019 in digital and in a limited and special vinyl edition - the re-issue will not only be a remastered version of the original album, but several songs will be also “re-imagined” with new strings part that Fabrizio composed during these years.

Pre-orders starts on March 1st - watch this space, since the vinyl will be limited to only 300 copies!

Out on March 15th, 2019, - pre-orders starts on March 1st

Out on March 15th, 2019, - pre-orders starts on March 1st

"Poèmes pour piano", the new album by Roberto Attanasio out now

Today we are really happy to share with you the new piano solo album by our fellow Roberto Attanasio “Poèmes pour piano”.

You can find it everywhere on the digital platforms, but you can support the artist and us by downloading the release at our little shop.

"Carnet de Voyage", the new album by Dominique Charpentier out now!

Happy release day for our Dominique Charpentier: his brand new solo piano album “Carnet de Voyage” is finally out today!

It’s available on our store (in digital and vinyl) and, of course, on every streaming service all around the web.

You can support us and the artist by getting your copy!

"Carnet de Voyage" by Dominique Charpentier out on Oct 26th!

The new album by the French pianist and composer Dominique Charpentier will be released on October 26th!

The single “Raz Blanchard” will be released as pre-order instant download on Friday October 5th - the album will be available in digital and in a strictly limited vinyl edition.

Carnet de Voyage Final Recto.jpg

Welcoming French pianist and composer Dominique Charpentier to Memorec!


We are so happy today to announce that the French pianist and composer Dominique Charpentier has joined our little family! 

Dominique will release his brand new album "Carnet de Voyage" on October 26th 2018 - be ready for an intimate and soft piano solo release, which will gently take you through a sweet journey... you have only to imagine where to go! 

The album will be available as a digital download and in a strictly limited (but sweet!) vinyl edition. 

Pre-orders open on Oct 5th 2018. 


"La Deriva", new single from Manuel Zito (Official Teaser)

Today we are really happy to give you a glimpse of the upcoming new video of the new single taken from the upcoming album by Manuel Zito, Fernweh. 

The single will be "La Deriva" and the video, together with the song, will be shared friday April 6th, day in which you can start to pre-order the album in both digital and clear vinyl format. 

The song is extremely beautiful and melancholic as we all love! 

Pre - order "Winter Stories", the new album by Fabrizio Paterlini

Pre-orders for "WInter Stories" have been officially launched and the album will see the light on February 23rd 2018. 

The project, which is now in its full process, consists in releasing one song per day, while recording and streaming it LIVE, on all the week from Feb 12th to Feb 17th. 

Now you can pre-order the album, while enjoying the live streams, in a stunning clear vinyl edition, CD or digital download. 


"Isolated" from Roberto Attanasio, available to pre-order!

We are so happy today to set this stunning piano solo album available for pre-order. 

If you love piano solo music, soothing, elegant and gently melancholic, this album is for you. 
Beside the usual digital distribution, this time we present the album in a precious limited white-vinyl edition, we are sure you'll love.

Pre-orders for "SHADOWS", the new album from Andrea Carri

Pre-orders day! 

"SHADOWS" the new beautiful album from Andrea Carri together with his band mate Francesco Camminati is ready to pre-order! The single "Whisper" comes with the pre-order and you can have the digital download or a beautiful CD. 

The new album will be fully released on September 22nd!